Worlds biggest freight ships

Container ship in harbor

This is a small container ship compared to the biggest in the world!

Freightships are so fascinating. I´ve seen some impressive ships, but not the most gigantic ones that sails the seas. Last year I had my chance when the biggest freight ship in the world, MSC Maya, visited Gothenburg Harbour. But unfortunately I wasn´t able to take vacation from my job to be there and see her with my own eyes. It is said to have been a special event because the harbor let the public come near the vessel by organizing boat trips to MSC Maya.

MSC Maya is one of four nearly identical containerships that have the capability to carry 19 224 twenty-foot containers! The sister ships are named MSC Oscar, MSC Oliver, MSC Zoe. They are owned by the suiss company MSC and was christened in 2015. All of these ships are sailing under Panama flag, but ironically they are too big for the famous Panama Canal.

Here you can see a video of a not fully loaded MSC Maya!

The ships are built in South Korea by Daewo Shipbuilding & Marine Enginering, one of the market leading companies in shipbuilding in the world. Daewo have for example also constructed the Maersk Tripple E-class ships. And right now they are working on completing 16 more ships for the company MSC that ordered 20 vessels in the same class as MSC Maya, Zoe, Oscar and Oliver.

The shipping company MSC is one of the worlds biggest with over 470 container ships in their fleet, and as I mentioned above, soon they will have even more ships.

It´s not only MSC Maya that have visited Sweden, her sister ship MSC Zoe have also been here. She has been here twice, in january and april and stayed for 37 and 36 hours before she sailed to Århus. I haven´t seen her either, but I hope I will get a glimpse of these giant ships one day! Until then I will read about them and follow their journey at Marinertraffic. Right now when I am writing this MSC Maya is for example sailing in the English Channel towards Port Said in Egypt. MSC Zoe is instead heading towards Marocco and Port Tanger Med.

If you look at the length, these MSC-ships aren´t the biggest, they are just 395,4 metres and there are other container ships that are 400 metres. But if you measure the TEU instead, which is the shortening of twenty-foot-equivalent unit which in turn is a measure of containersize, then the MSC-ships is the biggest in the world. This measure is also the unit you normally use when you talk about the size of a container ship. But the gigantic MSC ships wont keep the title as worlds biggest for long! The shipping company Maersk have ordered even bigger vessels that will be delivered in a couple of years.

The ships isn´t only big, they are quite fast if you think about how much they are loaded with, MSC Maya & co have a cruising speed of 22,5 knots which is 42 km/h. Their maximum speed is 46 km/h.

When you read about these huge vessels you get a little bit surprised when you learn that there are only between 22-35 crew on board. One thinks of course that it takes a huge crew to operate the vessels, but it does not.

Well, this was a little bit of information about the largest containerships in the world. But don´t be surprised if I write another post about ships because I am really interested in them.