Car ships

car ship

If I was a sailor I wouldn’t want to work at a car ship, also called pure care carrier shortened PCC. I have heard that they are quite unstable which makes them more vunerable than other ships. I think i would be scared some of the times when you are out on the sea in that case. It sounds a bit scary and then of course you need to think about the water, and i am so scared to end up in the water.

I also think they are ugly compared to traditional cargo ships. They have a very distinctive look that does not appeal to me. Perhaps it is because they simply don’t seem really seaworthy. They look instable and clumsy, almost like giant containers! And then once again, unstable with a lot of weight on them, I can’t think of a more scary place to be at.

In 2002 a horrible accident occurred. Two ships collided and one of them was the car ship Tricolore containing 3000 cars. Tricolore sank with all the cargo to the bottom of the English Channel. Fortunately no people were killed in the accident. But think of the feelings you might have afterwards, i don’t think i would have been able to go to work on a while after an accident like that. I am really glad nobody died, but i can only imagine how hurt they could have been and it must have been a real test to go to work after that.

Tricolore isn’t the only car ship that have been involved in an accident. A quick search at google reveals a numerous of incidents. Another horrible collision involving a car ship called MV Baltic Ace didn’t end as well as the accident with Tricolore. At least five of the crew members were killed in the accident. The more i read about this, the more i am really deciding that i am never going to work on a boat, any boat at all. I don’t feel really secure while traveling by boat either.

Car ships are often so called RoRo ships. RoRo stand for Roll On Roll Of which means that the cargo are rolled in and out of the ship instead of lifted on. Ships that you load by lifting on and off the cargo are called LoLo ships.

Let’s talk some history about cargos: before when people tried to ship their cars it was a bit more difficult then today. In the beginning wheeled vehicles carried as cargo on ships and they were treated like any other cargo. Cars had both their fuel tanks emptied and their batteries disconnected. This process was very difficult and most vehicles were subject to damage and could not be used. Luckily that is not the case today!

Did you know that the largest RORO passenger ferry is called MS Color Magic, a 75,100 GT cruise ferry that started their services in 2007. It was built in Finland and it is 224 meter long and 35 meter wide. It can carry up to 550 cars or 1270 lane meter of cargo! Super impressive!