Big airports in the North!

flighttower arlanda airportIn my previous post I wrote about airports. I am very interested in airports, both cargo traffic and passenger traffic. Everytime I see an airplane I feel amazed. How is it possible that we can get those giant steelbirds up in the air and safely make them land on the other side of the world? It is simply amazing.

I have not been flying so much in my life, and when I do, I often get a strange feeling of unreality. In less than an hour I have moved more than 500 kilometres! And in just a couple of hours I can travel to far away cities. Sometimes my brain just don’t understand what happens, in one second I was at home, In the next I am somewhere else. It goes too fast!

In Sweden, where I live, the biggest airport is called Arlanda, the full name is Stockholm Arlanda Airport and each year more than 22 million passengers travels through Arlanda. Arlanda is not the only airport in Stockholm, we also have Stockholm Bromma Airport which is a small airport in the municipality Bromma. About 2,3 million people pass this airport each year, which makes Bromma the third largest airport in Sweden.

The second largest airport in Sweden is Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, around 5,2 million passengers travels through Landvetter every year.

The biggest airport in the nordic countries is Copenhagen Airport, also called Kastrup. More than 25,6 million people travels here every year!

Here you can see a list of top five biggest airports in the north!

1 – Denmark, Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup), 25 627 093 passengers
Opened: 1925
Aircraft movements: 254 838
Cargo 2012: 354 269 tonnes

2 – Norway, Oslo Airport (Gardermoen), 24 269 235 passengers
Opened: public since 1998
Aircraft movements: 234 974
Cargo 2012: 105 543 tonnes

3 – Sweden, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, 22 443 272 passengers
Opened: 1959
Aircraft movements: 190 000 (2010)
Cargo 2012: 128 363 tonnes

4 – Finland, Helsinki Airport, 15 948 760 passengers
Opened: 1952
Cargo 2012: 176 987 tonnes

5 – Norway, Bergen Airport (Fleseland), 6 216 841 passengers
Opened: 1955
Aircraft movements: 106 225
Cargo: 5 199 tonnes

In the list above you can see a lot of interesting facts about the biggest airports in the nordic countries.

I have only visited Arlanda and Kastrup, and Kastrup is huge in comparison! It feels like it takes ages to walk from the gates at one side to the other! At Kastrup they also have much more interesting tax free shopping! One thing that I love with Arlanda though, is the wide panorama windows where you can watch the plans take-off! That is one of the best things with Arlanda I think.

Number of Runways and length.

Kastrup Sopenhagen: Three Runways (3 600 m, 3 300 m, 2 800m)
Gardermoen Oslo: Two Runways (3 600m, 2 950 m)
Helsinki-Vanda: Three Runways (3 440m, 3 060m, 2 901m)
Arlanda Stockholm: Three Runways (3 301 m, 2500 m, 2500 m)
Fleseland Bergen: One Runway, (2 990)

None of the biggest nordic airports has more than three runways. The longest runway is at Kastrup in Copenhagen. They have a 3600 metre long runway, but that is short compared with the longest runway at Qamdo Bamda Airport in China that is 5 500 metre long! But the runway at Kastrup is still long and broad enough to handle the worlds biggest airplanes since the airport recently built out one of their runways.

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