Air freight

las vegas

Some villages and cities depend on air freight to make the communities work. In Canadas inaccessible northern parts food and other stuff that are needed for people to live in the remote areas are flown in to the towns. Other cities depend on air freight to quickly bring in fresh ingredients they can’t buy in the neighborhood. One of those cities is Las Vegas, at regular intervals living lobsters and other fresh seafood are flown in to the restaurants. Las Vegas is a special place, even though the city is located in the Nevada desert, nothing is impossible, and much of it is thanks to the logistic possibilities!

As you probably know, Las Vegas is the gambling mecca number one. Here are some of the world’s largest casinos and the finest restaurants. Every year the city attracts about 40 million tourists, and many of them travels by plane. Without functioning air links with the outside world I do not think the city would have near the number of visitors they have today. But thanks to efficient logistics, millions of people can travel to Las Vegas and experience the fantastic food, casino, fine hotels and shopping.

In Las Vegas a lot of stuff are imported, from the marble at the hotels to the food that are served. Just think of how many decks the casino have to import to keep the poker games and blackjack tables running! Everything will surely not be transported by air, but most products have certainly at one point been transported by cargo vessels. That was what I learned in a documentary I saw recently. If I remember correctly, 90% of our goods and products are somehow transported by the seas before they come to our stores and factories.

In the shadows an enormous amount of work are going on to make our cities functioning as they should. I found an interesting article where they talked about the consumption of some goods in Las Vegas in 2014. For example about 134 kg caviar was consumed at the buffet in 2014 at the casino Hotel Bellagio. The article also said that about 22 400 kg of shrimps are consumed every day in Las Vegas. Thus, 22,400 kilos, that’s a huge quantities of shrimps! Quite an unbelievable amount if i should say so!

In Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport is the largest airport. 2015 over 45 million passengers traveled through McCarran Airport! This can be compared with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport which is the world’s busiest airport that had over 101 million passengers last year. Second most traffic has Beijing Capital International Airport in China, nearly 90 million passengers passed the airport in 2015. I´ve actually been at McCarran and can tell you that the gambling starts already when you land! They have installed slot machines all over the place so you can play. If you don’t know what a slot machine is, you can learn more about the subject here.

In Europe, where I live, the London Heathrow is the busiest airport with almost 75 million passengers per year. That means that there are many passengers each day traveling through the airport.

If we ignore the passengers and instead look at how much goods that are transported by air every year the US tops the list of most goods transported by air each year. In 2014 the figure was 38,225 million tonne-kilometers.