About me

railway picture

Hello everyone!

My name is Hans, but my nickname is “Hasse” which my friends and family calls me. I am born in a small country named Sweden and in this country we have a lot of railroad systems which I think contributed to my interests for trains and shipping methods.

As a child I lived nearby a heavy trafficked railway and I used to spend a lot of time watching the trains passing by. I can still remember the tingling feeling when a locomotive with really many wagons passed by and it felt like there was no ending. Sometimes I used to count the wagons, but today I don´t remember how many it used to be.

I also had a period when I wanted to become a truck driver, but that phase soon passed when I understood that the job often includes more than just driving the trucks.

When I grew older I also got fascinated with airplanes and cargo ships and I liked to travel to the airport and watch the take offs and landings. There is something deeply interesting with these powerful goods vehicles that can transport impressive amounts of freight and that´s why I started this blog. I hope you will enjoy it.