About logistics and why it fascinates me

cargo train
Hello and welcome to this blog!
My idea with this blog is to inform you about an industry that is not that common as you can think. Perhaps some of you have never even though about this.. Well read below and we will see if you have heard of this before. And again welcome!

Every day, around the clock, a fantastic logistically cogwheel spinns and makes sure that our society functions as it should. Food are delivered from foreign countrys to our grocery stores, mail are delivered into our post boxes and the bins are emptied and transported away.

I have always been fascinated of this fantastic logistic network where we as private persons only see a small part of the logistic chain. Usually we don´t even think about it, we just take things for granted and don’t fully appriciate the hard work and heavy planning that lay behind our well functioning society. This is something that i believe that vi should change! We need to make it more commonly known and appreciate the logistics more.

For me logistic is mainly about all of these components:

  • Planning! Someone has to coordinate the pick up and drop and plan which shipping method that should be used.
  • Workers! To make the plans a reality there need to be workers willing to perform the duties. Pilots are needed as well as truck drivers, shipping crew, machine operators and so on.
  • Machines and vehicles. In the same way workers are needed we also need machines and vehicles to be able to perform the transports. And there won´t be any machines or vehicles without engineers and industrial workers that build airplanes, ships and trucks for example.
  • Communication. To make everything go smoothy effective communication is a must. Plans can be changed, technical problems or weather can force changing in plans.
  • Infrastructure! Roads, airports, railway system and harbors, they are all needed if the logistics shall be functioning effective.

This is of course not an complete list of all things that are needed in the logistic chain, but it gives a bit of an understanding about how complex logistic is. The thing that fascinates me the most are the shipping methods. I am very interested in airplanes, trucks, freight-train and ships and I am sure I will write about it a lot in this blog that is named Nordwaggon after a freight-train company whose sign I used to see often when I was looking at trains as a child. Nowadays Nordwaggon is owned by Transwaggon which is a german company whose wagons can be seen in many European countries.

I hope some of you know have learned some more and perhaps i have opened up some of your eyes for this industry and how important it is for our everyday life. It is my main goal with this blog, to uplift it and to make a difference in the world. How boring it might be to not be appreciated for you work, but i say logistic workers, i salute you!